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Ainura Kasymalieva 1
  • 1 Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov , 66, Mira pr., Bishkek, 720044, Kyrgyz Republic.

Computer based expert system of SWOT analysis of a university

2014. No. 2 (28). P. 72–77 [issue contents]

Ainura Kasymalieva - Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems in Economics, Faculty of Management and Information Technologies in Economics, Institute of Management and Business, Kyrgyz State Technical University
Address: 66, Mira pr., Bishkek, 720044, Kyrgyz Republic.
E-mail: aisu@rambler.ru

      In the paper key elements of strategic analysis based on expert estimates are considered. The analysis is executed using a computer based information system of SWOT analysis, which gives a real assessment of own resources and opportunities of a university, with respect to conditions (requirements) of the environment in which it operates.
      The aim of the research is to develop a methodological approach, targeted on permanent improvement of quality of services provided by a university, due to flexible university management based on strategies developed using experts’ opinions.  
      The proposed strategic analysis model significantly increases capability of the existing SWOT analysis methodology. The model enables to estimate relations within the SWOT matrix and to present the results to decision makers who are responsible for choosing the strategy relying on the experts’ opinions. The model is oriented on computer support of decision making processes in the field of university management that dramatically reduces time to be spent to process the estimates and choice of the strategy for further implementation. 
      The system is developed using the technology of web applications creation ASP.NET (C#) on the.NET Framework 4.0, IIS platform and SQL Server 2008 database management system. End users of the system should have an access either to a local network of a university or to the Internet.
      The system has been approbated by using SWOT analysis one of leading faculties of the Kyrgyz State Technical University as a case study. The approbation results are suggested to be used as a reference model.
      The proposed approach gives an opportunity to evaluate strategies by divisions of a university, while expert-based evaluation of strategies enables to make the best choice soundly justified.  

Citation: Kasymalieva A. (2014) Avtomatizirovannaya informatsionnaya ekspertnaya sistema provedeniya SWOT-analiza vuza [Computer based expert system of SWOT analysis of a university]. Biznes-informatika, no 2 (28), pp. 72-77 (in Russian)
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