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Denis Pashchenko , Andrey Blinov 1
  • 1 Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation, 49, Leningradskiy Prospect, Moscow, 125993, Russian Federation

Standardization in software production at the corporate level: Results of research in CIS 

2014. No. 4 (30). P. 63–71 [issue contents]

Denis S. Pashchenko - Independent consultant in software domain.
E-mail: denpas@rambler.ru

Andrey O. Blinov - Professor, Department of General Management, Faculty of Management, Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation; Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science
Address: 49, Leningradskiy Prospect, Moscow, 125993, Russian Federation.
E-mail: aoblinov@mail.ru

      This paper focuses on challenges associated with modification and enhancement of process models in software production in CIS region, usually accompanied by specific risks and organizational resistance, and aggravated by weakness of formal corporate change management structures. All findings and conclusions are based on authors’ survey carried out at the end of 2013 that covered 21 managers of software companies from CIS. The study was aimed to address challenging issues of software production standardization and certification, organizational resistance and other specifics of change management at the level of an entire company.  This paper highlights relevant institutional interventions to support change management at planning, staff preparation and change implementation phases.   The experts have ascertained that the systemic approach to change management is needed, including formal change planning activities and establishment of a special team change management for an internal project. Also the experts have shared their practical experiences and outputs: typical challenges, change reinforcement techniques and transformation timeframes. 
      The authors have resumed their research findings by formulating the following recommendations: to use a 4-stage lifecycle change plan, to manage general and specific risks at all stages, to formalize change management and to use change implementation analysis results in future practice.


Pashchenko D., Blinov A. (2014)
Standartizatsiya proizvodstva programmnogo obespecheniya na korporativnom urovne: Rezul'taty issledovaniya v SNG 
[Standardization in software production at the corporate level: Results of research in CIS].
Biznes-informatika, no 4 (30), pp. 63-71 (in English)

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