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Maxim Maron1
  • 1 Bank “Freedom Finance”, Moscow, Russia

The choice of control points of projects taking into account possible change of structure of works

2016. No. 2 (36). P. 57–62 [issue contents]

Maxim A. Maron - Postgraduate Student, Department of Business Analytics, Doctoral School of Computer Science, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Address: 20, Myasnitskaya Street, Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation
E-mail: maxim.tbconsulting@gmail.com

       This article is devoted to a problem of controlling implementation of multiscenario projects when it is necessary to provide not one, but several scenarios of performance differing from each other in structure of works. As a control method, we propose carrying out intermediate checks. The task is to determine after which works you have to carry out the checks. A heuristic method of the solution of this task is offered on the basis of an information approach. The places of performance of checks (control points) are defined step by step. Each check is chosen so that it gives maximum information (according to Shannon) concerning the work from those already completed that has been performed incorrectly. In calculations, we consider not only previously established control points, but also probabilities of implementation of various scenarios of implementation of the project under examination.
      The solution for two very important practicalcases is proposed: when the number of admissible intermediate checks is set and when their number is not set but achievement of a certainlevel of information completeness of control is required. In practice, the number of intermediate checks is limited from above by the budget for costs of control which is selected by the sponsor of the project. Information completeness of the diagnosis, in turn, is inversely proportional to the risk that the wrong implementation of the project will be revealed only after it ends. In this regard, the project manager demands that information completeness of control be no lower than a certainlevel.
      The results received are sought, first of all, by heads of design offices of  large construction companies realizing standard projects in various natural and climatic conditions (in their practice practically all projects are multiscenario). Results can also be requested in the practice of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


Maron M.A. (2016) The choice of control points of projects taking into account possible change of structure of works. Business Informatics, no. 2 (36), pp. 57–62.
DOI: 10.17323/1998-0663.2016.2.57.62. 

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