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Vladimir Alekseev1, Denis Lakomov1, Artem Shishkin1, Ghassan Maamari1
  • 1 Tambov State Technical University , 106, Sovetskaya Street, Tambov 392000, Russia

Image processing of concentrated and scattered objects

2019. No. 4 Vol.13. P. 49–59 [issue contents]

      In modern control systems and information processing, the recognition of objects in the image is complicated by the fact that the impact of negative factors introduces uncertainty into this process, leading to blurring of images. In this regard, it is necessary to develop models and algorithms that would reduce the degree of uncertainty in image processing. These models are necessary, for example, when monitoring environmentally hazardous objects, for search and detection of unauthorized burial of household waste, in the field of information security, in the analysis of x-rays and thermograms, in the actions of unmanned aerial vehicles of law enforcement agencies in autonomous mode. This article presents a description of information technology for recognition in the automated mode of objects in images. The basis of this technology is the algorithm of contour analysis of images. The main distinguishing feature of the algorithm is the use of convolution of the image in four directions, as well as the tracing procedure. The aim of the study was to develop algorithms for high-speed automated visualization of external objects. We present the results of the study of the algorithm of contour analysis in the processing of various images in the visible and infrared wavelengths. Recommendations are formulated for the choice of parameters of the contour analysis algorithm, such as the mean square deviation in image blur, minimum and maximum thresholds for filtering. The results of the study can be used in production management systems, life support of the city, technical vision, environmental conditions, monitoring of business processes, as well as in the creation of simulators for training operators of complex systems, etc. In addition, we show the expediency of applying the algorithm we developed in decision support systems.

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Citation: Alekseev V.V., Lakomov D.V., Shishkin A.A., Al Maamari G. (2019) Image processing of concentrated and scattered objects. Business Informatics , vol. 13, no 4, pp. 49–59. DOI: 10.17323/1998-0663.2019.4.49.59
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