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Fedor Krasnov1, Irina Smaznevich1, Elena Baskakova 1
  • 1 NAUMEN R&D, 49A, Tatishcheva Street, Ekaterinburg 620028, Russia

The problem of loss of solutions in the task of searching similar documents: Applying terminology in the construction of a corpus vector model

2021. No. 2 Vol. 15. P. 60–74 [issue contents]

      This article considers the problem of finding text documents similar in meaning in the corpus. We investigate a problem arising when developing applied intelligent information systems that is non-detection of a part of solutions by the TF-IDF algorithm: one can lose some document pairs that are similar according to human assessment, but receive a low similarity assessment from the program. A modification of the algorithm, with the replacement of the complete vocabulary with a vocabulary of specific terms is proposed. The addition of thesauri when building a corpus vector model based on a ranking function has not been previously investigated; the use of thesauri has so far been studied only to improve topic models. The purpose of this work is to improve the quality of the solution by minimizing the loss of its significant part and not adding “false similar” pairs of documents. The improvement is provided by the use of a vocabulary of specific terms extracted from the text of the analyzed documents when calculating the TF-IDF values for corpus vector representation. The experiment was carried out on two corpora of structured normative and technical documents united by a subject: state standards related to information technology and to the field of railways. The glossary of specific terms was compiled by automatic analysis of the text of the documents under consideration, and rule-based NER methods were used. It was demonstrated that the calculation of TF-IDF based on the terminology vocabulary gives more relevant results for the problem under study, which confirmed the hypothesis put forward. The proposed method is less dependent on the shortcomings of the text layer (such as recognition errors) than the calculation of the documents’ proximity using the complete vocabulary of the corpus. We determined the factors that can affect the quality of the decision: the way of compiling a terminology vocabulary, the choice of the range of n-grams for the vocabulary, the correctness of the wording of specific terms and the validity of their inclusion in the glossary of the document. The findings can be used to solve applied problems related to the search for documents that are close in meaning, such as semantic search, taking into account the subject area, corporate search in multi-user mode, detection of hidden plagiarism, identification of contradictions in a collection of documents, determination of novelty in documents when building a knowledge base.

Citation: Krasnov F.V., Smaznevich I.S., Baskakova E.N. (2021) The problem of loss of solutions in the task of searching similar documents: Applying terminology in the construction of a corpus vector model. Business Informatics , vol. 15, no 2, pp. 60–74. DOI: 10.17323/2587-814X.2021.2.60.74
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