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ISSN 2587-8158 (online)

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Naief Azyabi1
  • 1 Jazan University, Prince Mohamed Street, Jazan 45142, Saudi Arabia

The impact of ICT on inter-organizational knowledge sharing for SMEs growth

2023. No. 1 Vol.17. P. 66–85 [issue contents]
      It is common knowledge that information and communication technologies (ICTs) have made continuous inroads in the knowledge management field; thus, this study is modeled to examine the impact of ICTs on inter-organizational knowledge sharing (IOKS) and its subsequent effect on the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The study adopts a descriptive survey design, using the quantitative research approach. Using the simple random sampling technique, a web-based questionnaire was used to collect data from 187 respondents. Results showed that IOKS among SMEs is not carried out to a great extent, which means that it is not a common practice among SMEs. Findings showed that less than half of the SMEs used training programs, internship programs, research collaboration and workshops for IOKS. It further showed that IOKS enhances sales, productivity, profit, organizational assets and equity. This study provides evidence of how ICT systems/tools have been used in IOKS and their impact on the growth of SMEs

Citation: Azyabi N.G. (2023) The impact of ICT on inter-organizational knowledge sharing for SMEs growth. Business Informatics, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 66–85. DOI: 10.17323/2587-814X.2023.1.66.85
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