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Maxim Oshchepkov1
  • 1 Graduate School of Business, HSE University , 26–28, Shabolovka Str., Moscow 119049, Russia

Improving target budgeting in a corporate performance management system

2024. No. 1 Vol.18. P. 22–35 [issue contents]

      Currently the portrayal of the procedure for developing management actions during the planning process in the scientific and professional community does not align with the practice of systematic and consistent plan creation supported by an informational analytical system. Alternatively, the non-formalized decision-making activity of the planner, which involves a situational expert approach, becomes a dependency in the planning process. This study is aimed at developing an analytical approach for implementing the plan reconciliation procedure in the process of corporate performance planning. This will increase the utilization of capabilities of the corporate performance management system and formalize the task of generating managerial actions by adjusting targeted budgeting values using mathematical methods. For this purpose, the standard planning process is enhanced by analytical support units, including the algorithm of inverse calculations of individual key performance indicators (KPI) and an advanced module for scenario modeling. The improved model of target budgeting process presented here delivers automated formation of management actions of the budgeting department and subdivision management, guided towards accomplishing strategic goals. The application of inverse calculations provides a mathematical formulation of the task of calculating indicators of planned key values, and the Sense and Respond (SaR) system allows you to supplement the mathematical formulation with weighting coefficients of key performance indicators calculated algorithmically, relying on the manager’s decisions rather than expert evaluation. The implementation of the approach we developed will improve the quality of planning by the highest priority criteria of operability, accuracy and adaptability due to the consistency and methodology of budgeting with the use of modern information technology.


Oshchepkov M.E. (2024) Improving target budgeting in a corporate performance management system. Business Informatics, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 22–35. DOI: 10.17323/2587-814X.2024.1.22.35

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