ISSN 2587-814X (print),
ISSN 2587-8158 (online)

Russian version: ISSN 1998-0663 (print),
ISSN 2587-8166 (online)

A. Gromov

Balance Score Card Use in Corporate Information Technology Management

2010. No. 3. P. 34–40 [issue contents]
Article is devoted to practice of BSC use for realization both corporate strategic goals and strategy implementation for IT departments, which are hardly judged by traditional financial monitoring. Author used own consulting experience and intermediate results of scientific research carried in a frame of State University HSE.
Citation: Gromov A. I. (2010) Ispol'zovanie sistemy sbalansirovannykh pokazateley v strategicheskom upravlenii informatsionnymi tekhnologiyami korporatsii [Balance Score Card Use in Corporate Information Technology Management] Biznes-informatika, 3, pp. 34-40 (in Russian)
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