ISSN 2587-814X (print),
ISSN 2587-8158 (online)

Russian version: ISSN 1998-0663 (print),
ISSN 2587-8166 (online)

Sergey Avdoshin1, Elena Pesotskaya1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

Information technologies for financial risk management

2011. No. 1. P. 42–49 [issue contents]
Most of financial operations are used in uncertainty and require risk management. Risk management system should consist of the proved technique and methodology risks management and technology base supported by IT system. The choice of program software for risk management seems to be a hard task for the company staff and requires involvement of professional specialists.
Citation: Avdoshin S. M., Pesotskaya E Y (2011) Informatsionnye tekhnologii dlya upravleniya finansovymi riskami [Information technologies for financial risk management] Biznes-informatika, 1, pp. 42-49 (in Russian)
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