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Pavel Oleynik

The elements of development environment for information systems based on metamodel of object system

2013. No. 4(26). P. 69–76 [issue contents]

Pavel Oleynik – Associate Professor, System Software Architect, Aston JSC.
Address: 80, Bugrovatyi Pereulok, Shakhty, Rostov region, 346519, Russian Federation.
E-mail: xsl@list.ru

The article represents the major structural elements of unified environment of information systems rapid development for various domains. It describes the structure of the data access layer, the methods of applications design and implemented projects. As the basis, we have taken modern architecture MDA (Model Driven Architecture), and defined the criteria for the optimal development of the built environment, called SharpArchitect RAD Studio. The major criteria of optimality are the following: the ability to describe any application domains; the possibility of implementing different architectures of applications, from classical two-tier "file server" to the multi-tier architecture with support for "distributed objects"; the possibility of using an up-to-date object-oriented programming language and a modern relational database management system. Among the criteria also are: functional support for access rights to objects based on user accounts; implementation of the plug-in architecture, involving the creation of extensions functional modules of the system.

The article presents a Metamodel class diagram of the object system, which allows describing all of the major structural elements of the object-oriented paradigm. Before implementing the Metamodel, the following optimality criteria have been put forward: (1) Metamodel must be unified; (2) a set of core system classes must be provided that implements the most common functionality; (3) an extensive hierarchy of atomic literal types must be provided representing the most common types of data for modern object-oriented programming languages.

When implementing the Metamodel, we used the best approaches of those existing. The hierarchy of the literal type is based on the solutions described in the standard object-oriented database ODMG 3.0 and SQL:2003 standard regulating the object extensions of relational databases. The implemented development environment uses three main methods (patterns) of object-relational mapping, namely: Single Table Inheritance, Class Table Inheritance, Concrete Table Inheritance. These patterns are applied to organizing the data access level. To assess the system, we describe the qualitative and quantitative indicators of completed projects. The environment has been used to design 12 degree projects, as well as the information system for the scientific conferences SharpArchitect Scientific Conference Manager (for conference "Object systems") and a platform for creating and managing stock exchange trading robots.

Citation: (2013) Elementy sredy razrabotki programmnykh kompleksov na osnove organizatsii metamodeli ob"ektnoy sistemy [The elements of development environment for information systems based on metamodel of object system] Biznes-informatika, 4(26), pp. 69-76 (in Russian)
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