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V. Abrosimov

The cybernetic approach to companies information resources management

2012. No. 1(19). P. 3–8 [issue contents]

Viacheslav Abrosimov – Senior Researcher, Head of Department of Analytics and Consulting, Step Logic Company.
Address: 10/2, Osenniy bul., Moscow, 121609, Russian Federation.
E-mail: v_abrosimov@step.ru

Nowadays business and scientific literature widely use such terms as “information resources”, “information resources management” and “information resources lifecycle management”. Russian legislation is aware of the concept of information resource, however the underlying content and definition of this concept are not specific enough for the tasks of setting up information systems and require further specification; hence the topicality of the issues studied in this article.

The approach proposed in this article consists in using conventional concepts of management systems based on the systems theory, i.e. operating the analogues of such entities as “governmental bodies”, “control actions”, “control program”, “control signals” and “feedback”. Several objectives, such as program setting and executing, stabilization, tracking and optimization are borrowed from classical conceptions of control systems.

In this article the standard objective of control is formalized through executing tuples parameters changing programs, followed by comparing the target, forecast and actual characteristics of information resources.

This paper also considers the problem of locating the information resources control system within the general enterprise management system. The article cites numerous examples of such systems (Enterprise Resource Planning System “Galaktika”, Microsoft Dynamics ERP-systems, “BEST” (“Book-keeping, Economics, Stock, Trading”) etc. Yet, the analysis conducted shows that despite processing vast amounts of various within them, none of these modules provides a solution to the above stated objectives of an enterprise’s information resources management and control. That is why one can suppose that information resources control system is an independent unit within the enterprise management, connected with data bases via the objective of collecting and storing data, and with enterprise management and IT service via the objective of data management and control.

Citation: Abrosimov K. V. (2012) Kiberneticheskii podkhod k upravleniiu informatcionnymi resursami organizatcii [The cybernetic approach to companies information resources management] Biznes-informatika, 1(19), pp. 3-8 (in Russian)
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