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T. Kravchenko

Requirements management in IT projects

2013. No. 3(25). P. 63–71 [issue contents]

Tatiana Kravchenko – Professor, Head of Department of Business Analytics, Faculty of Business Informatics, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Address: 20, Myasnitskaya str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation.
E-mail: tkravchenko@hse.ru

Requirements management is one of the main tasks of a business analyst when implementing information systems. To fulfill the objectives of a project it is highly important to manage the requirements within the members of a team and to agree with a client upon the relevance of his requirements and the monitoring system.

The paper considers modeling the requirements management while implementing informational and technological projects. Requirements management modelling has 3 steps. The first step is connected with business requirements selection which are included into the design choice and become the frame of a project. During the second step we construct a model connected with accepting, declining, specifying each requrement or qualifying it as extra work. During the third step we set the system requirements priorities and develop a work plan for a project. Developing models of decision-making requires hierarchy analyses and analytical network technique by T.L. Saaty and software for decision-making SuperDesicions.

The proposed approach was tested on the example of the function block “Deposit on the account” while implementing the “treasury” module of the SAP system. The system requirements priorities can be used while developing a work plan within the financial instrument, allocating resources and settling the completion date. On considering all the requirements received while implementing different function blocks of a project we can develop a whole work plan for the project.

Citation: (2013) Upravlenie trebovaniiami pri realizatcii IT-proektov [Requirements management in IT projects] Biznes-informatika, 3(25), pp. 63-71 (in Russian)
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